A Taste of Greece with Lyndey Milan

“When in Greece you cook with a Greek heart” declared celebrity chef Lyndey Milan as diners were tantalised with the wafting aromas of Peloponnese cuisine. As jovial chords of live bouzouki music bounce over the twinkling lights of the harbour, it is not a far stretch to imagine ourselves seated in a traditional restaurant on a Mediterranean island.

To celebrate the launch of the Taste of Greece cookbook on the back of her successful SBS series, Lyndey Milan teamed with the George’s Mediterranean Bar & Grill to host a feast drawn from the recipes in the book. Showcasing the highlights of a mother and son food-focused road trip around the Peloponnese, the evening was a heart (and stomach) warming tribute to both the region and Lyndey's late son, Blair.
Lyndey Milan regales diners with tales of the Peloponnese
We begin our culinary journey with a traditional eggplant dip (similar to baba ganoush) and a freshly grilled pita, a tasty portent of the flavoursome delights to come. An exotic collection of mezedes follow, a range of chickpea fritters, BBQ squid filled with fetta and spinach, and zucchini dill and mint fritters.
BBQ Squid with fetta and spinach

Village salad

The main course consists of slow roasted lamb, lemon potatos and village salad. Lyndey introduces each dish with a story, describing how she and Blair stumbled across each. She says that the Hercules Blood cocktail, a concoction of pomegranate seed and tequila, was created by Blair after extensive sampling of cocktails with locals throughout their trip. 
Slow roasted lamb
Matching wines are a carefully chosen selection also hailing from the Peloponnese region, and complement the hearty cuisine. The sweet Kourtakis Muscat of Samos is a memorable finale and dessert is an indulgent cinnamon cheesecake with Samos-soaked muscatels, topping off a mouth watering testament to George’s Executive Chef, Keith Higginson. 
Hercules Blood cocktails
Lyndey reminds us that Greek hospitality is focused on ensuring guests are happy, no matter what it takes. Enjoying a night under the stars with atmospheric music, traditional dishes prepared by a renowned chef and a welcoming host, the mission is well accomplished.  We raise our glasses and toast: Yamas!
Bouzouki player entertains the crowd
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Lifeafterfive* was a guest of the event.


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