El Circo at Slide

As Water for Elephants has reignited our passion for circuses, El Circo brings the dream of big-tops and sparkles to the dining table, creating a magical performance complete with fantastic acrobatic feats, live singers, and theatrical flair. 
A unique and creative experience which combines a nine course degustation with nine breathtaking circus acts, El Circo at Slide takes French cabaret to distinctly original new heights.   Fabulously buxom hostess Maxi Shield (all natural darrrrrling) introduces each course as though it is an act in itself, with unusual highlights including virtual buttered popcorn (described as food aromatherapy) and chawa muchi – Japanese steamed egg. 
Maxi Shield prepares the Virtual Buttered Popcorn
The nine courses include a range of entrees, a provocatively presented braised lamb shank as main course, and three divinely indulgent desserts. 
In between each course, the crowd is treated to a variety of sensual, dramatic performances, intertwined with an element of comedy.  A juggler dazzles the crowd with his skill, a top-hatted gentleman serenades a pole dancer in a French as she performs gravity defying stunts, and a lady pulled ‘reluctantly’ onto the stage by Maxi Shield bursts into song.
The crowd is spellbound as a double trapeze act twists, splits and dances precariously above our heads, and entertained as a male bellydancer invites some talented brides-to-be to perform with him on stage. 
The audience – “so many new faces of old people” says Maxi Shield – is an eclectic mix of ages and occasions, including hens’ parties, a 50th birthday, an engagement dinner and a 21st.  All are wrapt in the interactive experience, which demands participation from the crowd.  The gaiety and entertainment inherent throughout El Circo makes it the ideal night for a memorable celebration. 
Talented bride-to-be impresses the crowd with her bellydancing
Maxi Shield surprises the crowd in a slinky number with the final act – a hilarious rendition of Stars on 54’s “If you could read my mind”, before inviting guests onto the dance floor.   Inspired by a night of poles, silks and circus acts, the stage is soon full of revellers of all ages twirling to ‘Girls just wanna have fun’.
A sensational, mesmerising experience with shimmering performances, El Circo at Slide is a brilliant, one-of-a-kind concept that surprises, entertains and delights.   While Benzini Brothers may have crashed in 1931, the El Circo train is worth jumping one Saturday night.
El Circo is on every Saturday night at Slide - 41 Oxford St.

$99 includes 9 course degustation and 9 circus acts

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