'The Human Torch' - by Sydney Interactive Theatre

“I’m way too cute to be a murderer” declares the petite brunette, lounging against the wall of the Royal Albert, a public house built in 1927. The group of detectives eye her suspiciously, sipping their house champagne while listening to Edith indulge in tales of marrying her crooked – now dead – husband for his renowned gambling fortune.

After telling the detectives – aka a group of brave Sydney siders who have ventured into a pop up world of theatre and murder - that the victim’s will had mysteriously been changed just before his murder, we stumble across a “clue” that takes us down the back streets of Surry Hills to our next potential suspect.

Sydney Interactive Theatre describes itself as “part game, part theatre, part tour, part bar crawl”, sending the audience on a mission through the streets of the city. The Human Torch pop up dining experience leads us to notice usually overlooked historical landmarks in Surry Hills as we seek to solve the mystery of the murder of Thomas Ivory. A text on the day provides meeting instructions, and we are greeted by the head detective who briefs us on our mission.

After a blind magistrate at the Children’s Court informs us that “it is illegal to wear pink pants on a Saturday”and a street performer impresses us with magic tricks, we follow the hints dropped by each actor to discover a revelationary twist in the tale (you’ll have to do the tour to find out what it is) – and champagne and tapas awaiting.

A shared dinner at a secret location is our reward for cracking the case, as we bond with the other “detectives” over a race well run.

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Lifeafterfive* was a guest of Sydney Interactive Theatre.


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