Adriano Zumbo launch at The Star

It’s not often that slender models on a catwalk inspire cravings of cake, macarons and creamy éclairs, but a playful catwalk display of bold urban style matched with even more stylish desserts – the Zumbo Summer Collection of Cakes - had the well-heeled crowd salivating at the launch of Adriano Zumbo’s new patisserie.

Caramel popcorn martinis, bright pink candles and white lights set the merrily decadent tone of the Sex & the City style event at The Star.  Indulgent chocolate cocktails were served with delicate sushi canapés by waiters wearing ‘I Heart Zumbo’ t-shirts, while guests speculated as to the mysterious interior hidden behind white curtains.  The 2011 summer range local apparel brand and IM Boutique were showcased, fusing fashion and food in a vibrant combination that included a chocolate raspberry handbag and Zumbarons – concoctions of chocolate, chilli and cinnamon.
The curtain dropped to unveil a Willy Wonka-esque magical workshop of cakes and candy.  A fluorescent ‘I heart Zumbo’ flashed as brightly coloured wheels, knobs and levers hinted at an army of cheerful, hardworking Oompa Loompas churning out culinary delights behind the scenes.  Fed by multicolour pipes, small transparent safes full of various macaron flavours – including a Coca Cola flavour – warn us boldly to “Break the glass in case of emergency”.  I luckily discover the hidden latch before risking injury.  The illusion of magic is reinforced by the dessert sushi train – a never ending conveyor belt of imaginative treats.
Each dessert sampled was both a visual and tasty sensation; a ‘Water my Melon’ chocolate ball revealed an orange crèmeaux watermelon centre, while tapioca, custard and lychee snowmen (ssnowmanorr) winked enticingly, dressed for the occasion in candy tuxedo collars.
The latest of many newbies, the Adriano Zumbo Patisserie is a welcome addition to The Star.  A whimsical, inventive and fantastic concept that inspires imagination, it will have visitors revisiting their childhood dreams of finding that elusive golden ticket – and maybe picking up a macaron while they search.

This article was first published on Nine to Five.

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  1. Sounds amazing! I love the sound of the "Water my melon".

  2. Snowman is no longer a snowman. No head and looks like a round donut with no centre.
    rating - Ordinary

  3. Jenna SmithJanuary 08, 2012