Table Talk @ Cafe Mint

“Over the years I have become convinced that we learn best – and change – from hearing stories that strike a chord within us”

Table Talk is an innovative concept that takes the age-old tradition of discussing issues around a dinner table, and transplants the conversation into a trendy Surry Hills café.

Devised by two experienced counsellors with backgrounds in psychology, training and management, Nadene Alhadeff and Ros Kennedy decided to recreate the ancient art of a meaningful dinner conversation; the original forum where knowledge was imparted, ideas explored and intimacies created through channelling personal stories.
Nadene Alhadeff & Ros Kennedy
Accustomed to running workplace training courses in corporate settings, Nadene and Ros were convinced that removing the conversation away from a stress-fuelled work environment and creating a relaxed atmosphere would allow groups to connect on a more personal, deep level.

It is a Monday night at Café Mint in Surry Hills, and 14 Gen-Ys have gathered to experience the concept first-hand. The topics on the table are mindfulness, stress management and using empowering language, and the facilitators open with a brief visualisation to focus the group.

We open our eyes, the first delicious course is served - and a spirited conversation ensues. Nadene and Ros deftly guide the conversation, coaxing personal stories from each of the participants and drawing in the latest research and providing useful, practical examples. Personal anecdotes, challenging questions and controversial experiences were shared, with a focus on Gen Y’s unique approach to stress management and the link to social expectation emerging as a common concern.
We explore the danger of words such as “should” – as in, I “should” call my grandmother, I “should” be earning x dollars per year, and the effect that this has on our wellbeing. We learn to recognise the body’s unhealthy responses to stress, and are offered practical steps to address them.

Chef Yoni Kalfus of Café Mint serves an exotic array of share plates, ranging from grilled haloumi skewers, chicken kefte ball in tomato sauce to fish and polenta. The shared food creates a convivial sharing atmosphere, with the private space allowing the group the confidence to speak our minds.

Two hours fly by, and there are many lingering questions as we wrap up the evening. With appetites satisfied and our minds inspired, the conversation flows on the journey home. A rare opportunity to discuss challenging personal concepts collectively, Table Talk provides an ideal opportunity for groups of friends or colleagues to gather, unwind and connect.

Table Talk is an initiative of Nadene Alhadeff & Ros Kennedy, in conjunction with Cafe Mint.  It costs $95 pp, and includes 3 x courses, venue hire and a facilitated discussion.   Discussions are tailored to the interests of individual groups and workplaces.

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