Copacabana; a coastal escape

A forty pack of icy poles, spirited games of frisbee, fluoro pink thong shaped lilos. Sunscreen is lathered on sandy legs, leathery bare feet brave hot sand to buy chips from the store, rockpools invite leisurely walks to the end of the beach. A local kiosk serves surprisingly decent Byron Bay Coffee Co coffee, with the essential Jack Johnson beachside soundtrack and an owner who remembers your name, order and how your day was yesterday. 

A January getaway to Copacabana on the NSW Central Coast is a nostalgic excursion to the simple childhood pleasures of Aussie summers, with icy poles on the beach graduating to cocktails on the balcony.

A sleepy town of approximately four shops, Copa is close enough to Avoca and Terrigal to satisfy any rare cravings for urban shops and amenities, while maintaining the cruisy vibe of remote coastal life. Music, sunshine and good company are the essential ingredients for a revitalising escape from reality; a place where one forgets what day of the week it is, meals blur indefinably between brekky, lunch and barbeques, and spontaneous beach footy games follow dips in the ocean and flicking through magazines on the beach.
Distance from Sydney: 90km
Population (2001 Census): 2,753 


  1. Wow!! seems you guys had a hella fun!! pictures are awesome especially that huge pink slipper!! ;)