Jagermeister Hunting Lodge, Sydney Festival

“You’re invited to hunt out top talent”… whether the invitation is referring to onstage or amongst the crowd, talent abounds at the opening night of the Jagermeister Hunting Lodge in the Honda Festival Garden. 

Despite the balmy January evening, we enter an alpine winter hunting lodge that appears to cozily shelter us from a European frost (a world away from the hot Australian Sydney summer outside). A faux fireplace flickers in front of plush leather lounges, tables and chairs are carved out of logs and mock mounted animal heads line the walls. Glamorous girls serve drinks while clad in shorts and fur beanies, while bow-tied “photographers” use oversized cameras to snap polaroids of the trendily eclectic crowd. 

Kiwi rockstar Tim Finn performed at Tuesday’s launch, revving up the audience with a mix of Crowded House, Split Enz and his own solo music. Shaking his floppy white hair to the music, moonwalking like Michael Jackson on red bull, he announced to the adoring crowd that “cos it’s the Sydney Festival, we’ve gotta talk about really high brow things like astrology and star signs…".

A pop up bar and live performance space in the middle of Hyde Park, entry to the Lodge is free as part of the 2012 Sydney Festival. Chandeliers adorned with jagermeister bottles hang from the wooden installation as the bar serves a selection of mixes of jager, jager, wine… and jager. Jager & Dry is recommended by the bartender, and the various cocktails remind visitors that there is more to the spirit than just chemical warfare (jager bombs don’t even feature on the menu). 

If craving inspiration for high brow conversation (as Finn reminded us, it is the Sydney Festival after all), garden tables are dotted outside to enjoy cocktails, gaze at the stars and check the position of mercury. With intimate live performances, novel surrounds and a hipster crowd worth people-watching, the Jagermeister Hunting Lodge is another winning example of the Sydney Festival’s goal kicking. This is our city in summer.

Popping up as part of the 2012 Sydney Festival the semi-permanent bar and music venue will be open to the public between 10th-29th of January for a series of intimate secret shows.

Shows are open to the public and most are FREE (subject to capacity). Ticket registration is required for some events. Visit for more information.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Mind you, "an alpine winter hunting lodge" might be just the thing this "summer" :)

  2. Hi Corinne - I think you're right! It definitely has legs this "summer" :)