Cafe Dov

Potts Point.  The postcode 2011 is synonymous with trendy, urban cafes, hidden streets and discerning customers.  With new cafes opening faster than one can say (and spell) skim-soy-decaf-mochachino, an establishment has to offer something special to ensure fickle customers aren’t enticed by the shinier or shabbier furniture down the next alley.

Visiting Café Dov for a ladies lunch, a full house indicates that they’ve found an effective formula to ward off the competition and keep the crowds loyal. Despite a bustling dining room, the staff go out of their way to be friendly, shuffling the tables like magicians to create somewhere for us to sit.

A creative menu, seasonal and local produce and a buzzing atmosphere, Café Dov has raised the bar for café competition in Potts Point.   A couple of menu highlights...

Cafe Dov chicken salad
Corn fritters with spinach, poached egg and tomato relish

Baked ricotta with poached rhubarb, apple puree and fresh strawberries

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