I think, therefore I ... blog

I am regularly amazed, surprised and inspired by the ingenuity of friends, family and work colleagues I am lucky enough to be surrounded by.  The number of people who work full time, have projects on the side, write blogs, start businesses, help charities, study – often quietly, without fanfare or a need for recognition.  Scratch the surface and you discover such extraordinary talent and interest hiding in people you think you know well.

This manifests itself in a number of ways - I have recently stumbled across a number of blogs by friends with a unique take on life, and decided it was time to share.

What do you do in your spare time if you’re a hot shot lawyer, serious touch footy player, yoga enthusiast, completing a Masters degree while navigating the expat Hong Kong social circuit?  Probably pretty bored with all that time on your hands.  Or you could just sign up for a womens’ boxing tournament and learn to fight (Hong Kong Hedge Fund Fite Night) – oh, and write a blog while you’re at it.

Two Aussie expats on a one year secondment to Chicago (yes, one of them may be my sister).  Hilarious take on all things American.

Creative, challenging, honest ideas for provoking thoughts and discussion – “Sometimes a good idea rattles around in your head like a loose pinball and it’s only when we share it with other people, that the idea takes shape and form”.

Take a leave of absence from your job as a management consultant; head to the city where dreams are made of;  find an internship with a non-profit tech startup.  Easy.  Challenging? Inspirational.  Now read the blog;

Eat Drink Play by Ms Darlinghurst

Ms Darlinghurst needs no introduction. Arbiter of all things trendy, foodie and fun in the Sydney social scene, she has taken the Eastern Suburbs by storm with initiatives like Secret Foodies, Sydney Bar Tours, and EatDrinkPlay.   

A supremely creative type disguised behind a suit by day, Paul Somers and his team are passionate about the Sydney bar scene.  They are creating a community focused on bars, nightlife and innovation while using film to bring the places they visit to life.

A med-student crazy about all things cupcake. .. “If T.S Eliot's Prufrock claimed to measure out his meagre life in coffee spoons, I believe my existence could well be quantified by the numerous measuring cups of flour, sugar and cocoa that I sift and stir each week in pursuit of baking perfection.”

xx Lifeafterfive*

PS. Do you write a blog? Do you have a friend who does but is too shy to share? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Love the quote by Jules Renard!

  2. Alexandra HsiaoSeptember 18, 2011

    Great post Daniella Alhadeff. Thanks for sharing all the things your friends were doing - I loved Daniel's blog, and Rachael's!!!

  3. Michal AlhadeffSeptember 18, 2011

    Right back at you! Now I am inspired to put pen to paper (or keyboard to the world wide web)... watch this space!

  4. Rachel JacquelineSeptember 19, 2011

    thanks Danzi... kinda scary to now be in the bloggosphere!

  5. Another blog worth a mention, by my friend the Venture Cakerist!

  6. I have discovered a new blog that I'm in love with -