Sydney by Sail

Those who fly into Sydney at sunrise are often rendered speechless by the calm, sparkling city on the verge of a daily hive of activity. The vast ocean that seems to dominate every uneven corner, creeps into every crevice of land, while reminding passengers that Australia is really just an island.

Sydney is a city built around its harbour, and unless one has regular access to a plane, is at its best when viewed from the water itself. It’s a cloudless winter day when we board Sydney By Sail’s three hour social yacht race in Pyrmont. The skipper gives us novices a brief introduction to the boat, the basics of sailing, and our route for the day. We are given the option of being as involved as we’d like, and the keen beans on the boat jump at the chance to learn to sail. We’re ‘competing’ against another novice group, and we’re determined to become pros...

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  1. Nice. I have to try that. It's good to know that more and more people are getting introduced (and hooked) to sailing.