Diesel Island; the land of the stupid and home of the brave

A pink goat greets us as we enter a non-descript warehouse in Alexandria, followed by crashing waves, a denim flag and a welcome line of models threatening to fight us with feather pillows. 

Welcome to Diesel Island, ‘the land of the stupid and home of the brave’.  Where cocktails are served with provocatively labelled flags, scantily Diesel-clad ‘island natives’ loll about in tree houses and Alexandra Richards (daughter of Rolling Stone, Keith Richards) DJs to over 250 well-heeled ‘pioneers’.

Diesel Island... where heels are high & goats are pink
The locals in their natural habitat

Island Law #2; Trouble makers shouldn't be sent to jail but art school
We have been invited to ‘help shape the future of this magnificent country’ at the Sydney event on 31 August 2011.  The controversial global campaign aims to provoke discussion and push boundaries by stating that the world is f**cked up, but Diesel Island is the least f**cked up country of all.
Conceived by advertising agency Santo, the campaign documents the first pioneers arriving on the tropical island – “living exciting experiences, solving some of the world’s oldest problems and holding wild parties to celebrate the birth of their nation”.

Alexandra Richards DJs to the crowd
Martin Matthews, General Manager of Brand Collective, explains that while Australians aren’t as aware of Diesel’s satirical, ironic character, the concept of challenging the status quo and rewriting the rules while having fun resonates with the Australian ethos.

The natives stand to attention as the Diesel Island anthem plays over the big screens, the cocktails are abundant and a giant seafood paella is cooked under driftwood scaffolding.  I am reminded of island law # 7 – everything that exists was once imagined.  Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to be a hard sell to Aussies looking for a utopian escape.  Just be sure to reach the island before someone calls on the PM to ‘stop the boats’.

Watch the history of Diesel Island

Pioneer Jane Willesdorf enjoys a rebellious cocktail

"We prevent terrorist attacks by not pissing them off"


  1. Chris McElhillSeptember 02, 2011

    A lister Jane Willersdorf in the spotlight yet again :)

  2. Danzi.. great post but... LAME!!! This just seems to me like an idea conceived by a bunch of lamo Gen Z's trying to be cool. Seriously, Diesel should stop trying so fricken hard. I find their campaigns insulting to my intelligence. Although I don't mind the hottie semi-nude in his undies... that's ok ;)

  3. Worse advertising campagne EVER!!!

  4. I think it's a brilliant campaign! Totally original and very topical... if you actually watch the video, it's pretty impressive the level of detail they're going to.