Cooking with the love goddess; Flavours of Malaysia

‘I just looooove food, and I have happily sacrificed my body to my love!” says the voluptuous chef welcoming us to the Grace Hotel. To award winning Malaysian chef Wanitha Tanasingam (or love goddess, as she calls herself), cooking is not just an activity. It is a way to express her love of people and philosophy of life.

Tips from Chef Wanitha

“Feel the heat like a lover’s kiss on a cold wintery night – always leave the pot on and ready to cook”

“Pretend you are a ballerina when pouring a liquid into the pot – move your hand away quickly and gracefully”

"Cooking is like falling in love – wait until the other person is committed before turning up the heat or booking the holiday (ie wait until the vegies are ready before increasing the temperature)”

“Smell is the first experience of food – it caresses your cheek to let you know it’s there”

"Food has personalities – you need to use spices to bring out the different personalities. Bring delight to the main ingredient”

“You are the master of your teaspoon – make sure you taste the dish throughout the journey”


Flavours of Malaysia cooking class was part of the Passport to Malaysia program run by Malaysia Kitchen.

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