Kokomo Coconut Water

Food, like fashion, has a tendency to go through fads – often subliminally, super foods, cuisine and health kicks follow trends set by early adopters and savvy marketers. Just as Summer 2011/12 is all about bold block colours, low hemlines and lacy layers, our palates are set to be buzzing with apple cider (Batlow gets my vote), tacos and anything acai-flavoured – from yoghurt to ice cream to potato chips. 

The latest “super food” to reach a well-hyped tipping point is coconut water – sneakily popping up on menus, supermarket shelves and in gym cabinets all over town.

I was lucky enough to receive a pack of 12 x Kokomo Coconut Waters to taste. Made in Mango and Natural flavours, they are packaged in poppas that hark back to school lunches and weekend sport. Watery (not milky, as is a popular misconception), the flavour is an acquired taste that improves when imagining the magical health benefits simultaneously imbibed.

Some random facts about coconut water:

  • It is identical to human blood plasma. It was used by both sides during the Pacific War (1941-1945) to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers 
  • Contains more potassium than a banana & a high source of electrolytes 
  • Coconut water is found in young green coconuts that are approximately 7 months old 
My Kokomo poppas were refreshing and tasty – ideal for after a workout. Whether a super food or a passing fad, coconut water seems to be emerging as the latest must-have fitness accessory. Don your block colours, hop on your fixie and pop one in your basket (just don’t crush your prescription-less glasses).

Lifeafterfive* was sent Kokomo Coconut Waters by Soup.  Kokomo is Fairtrade Certified and will be stocked in Coles supermarkets.


  1. Kokomo Coconut WaterOctober 25, 2011

    Thanks for your fabulous blog post! We agree - Kokomo definitely is a must have fitness accessory